Corporate & Commercial

We understand that a lawyer should be more than just offers legal advice. We are prepared to invest the time to understand your company objectives and to offer strategic commercial advice.

Our lawyers have a strong commercially driven mindset and have vast experience in acting for both local and foreign clients in their corporate exercises or commercial transactions which encompass various industries.

Our corporate & commercial division provides a range of services in the following areas, and more:

Startups / Company Incorporation
Mergers & Acquisitions
Company Constitution
Foreign Investment
Board Resolution
Franchise & Licensing
Shareholders’ Resolution
Venture Capital & Private Equity
Board Meeting
IPO, Corporate Finance & Capital Markets
General Meeting
Intellectual Property
Regulatory Compliance
Personal Data Protection
Corporate Restructuring
Joint Venture

Written contracts help to avoid misunderstandings between the two parties. With a legal contract, you can protect yourself from being harmed by the other party.

Here’s the non-exhaustive list of legal contracts or documents that our lawyers can tailor-made for our clients to solve their unique demands:

Founders’ Agreement
Asset Sale/ Asset Purchase Agreement
Partnership Agreement
Disclosure Letter
Limited Liability Partnership Agreement
Letter of Intent
Shareholders' Agreement
Term Sheet
Directors' Services Agreement Joint Venture Agreement
Share Subscription Agreement
Terms of Preference Shares
Investment Agreement
Convertible Loan Agreement
Manufacturing Agreement
Terms and Conditions/ Terms of Use/ Terms of Service
Distribution Agreement
Memorandum of Understanding
Privacy Policy
Memorandum of Agreement
Cookie Policy
Agency Agreement
Software Development Agreement
Referral/Introducer Agreement
Website/App Development Agreement
Service Level Agreement
Online Advertising Agreement
Novation and Assignment Agreement
Software Reseller Agreement
Mutual Termination Agreement
Consultancy Agreement
Franchising Agreement
Services Agreement
Sponsorship Agreement
Licensing Agreement
Promotion and Publicity Agreement
Non-Disclosure Agreement/Confidentiality Agreement
Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreement
Assignment Agreement
Share Purchase/ Share Sale Agreement
Copyright Notice
Business Sale/ Business Purchase Agreement
Statutory Declaration for Copyright Ownership

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