Real Estate

We pride ourselves as one of the best property lawyers in the industry, experts who’ve overseen thousands of deals of real estate from commercial and residential developments to disposals, lettings and management.

We provide expert legal advice on all aspects throughout the property development process:

Site Assembly & Land Procurement
Environment Issues
Property Acquisitions & Divestments
Planning Process
Merger & Acquisitions of Real Estate Companies
Secure Funding
Final Sale of a Completed Property
Property Tax
Construction Agreement

We also provide clear concise advice to homebuyers and investors and help clients attain protective measures required during conveyance transferring of the legal title of a property.

Sale & Purchase of Property
Housing & Commercial Loan
Stamp Duty and Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT)

Other Matters related to Real Estate:

Tenancy & Lease
Property & Land Dispute
Strata Management
Land Conversion
Subdivision, Amalgamation & Partition applications

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