Employment & Industrial

Your workplace should be a fulfilling place where your dreams come true, but you must also look after your rights and interests. We provide a wide range of advice on employment law and industrial relations to both employees and employers.

Services provided to an employer:

Workplace & Human Resource Policy
Retrenchment Exercise & Restructuring
Employee Handbook
Settlement of Disputes between Employers & Employees
Employment Contract & Benefits Package
Employee share option scheme
Protection against Wrongful Dismissal and other cases
Secondment Agreement
Internship Agreement
Judicial Review Proceedings
Employee Termination Issues
Independent Contractors & Freelancers Agreement

Services provided to an employee:

Wrongful Termination Suit
Workers Compensation Claims
Unfair Treatment or Wrongful Discipline
Settlement of Disputes between Employers & Employees
Toxic Work Environment
Sexual Harassment, Racial Discrimination, and Other Issues
Judicial Review Proceedings

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