Dispute Resolution

We prioritize in resolving disputes for our clients in the quickest, most cost-effective way. Our lawyers will work towards finding a resolution that minimizes further damage to relations.

We’ll only advise to proceed with litigation in courts or tribunals if it is necessary. But if a dispute does require litigation, you will have the full force of our legal team behind you, fighting to ensure the issue is resolved in your favour.

We provide advice and legal representation in the Civil and Industrial Courts, relating to a wide variety of disputes including (but not limited to):

Pre - Court Strategic Analysis
Injunctions & Declaratory Orders
Enforcement Proceedings
Judicial Review of Decisions of Public Authorities
Debt Recovery
Fraud and Breach of Trust
Probate and Administration of Estates
Bankruptcy & Winding Up
Corporate & Commercial Dispute
Professional Negligence
Shareholders’ / Directors’ Dispute
Employment / Industrial Relations Dispute
Consumer Protection Dispute
Landlord and Tenant Dispute
Intellectual Property Infringement & Dispute Resolution
Contractual Dispute

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